Technical Data

     The geonet GEOS is produced of polyethylene (PEHD). It is made of strips , which are knurled double - sided and spot welded with ultrasounds . The cellular walls are 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 mm high.
     The welds are lined in two rows, 9 weld in a row, 340 mm far one from another (other distance on request). There may be curbs on every wall. The segments while extended are similar to honeycombs. The geonet is made of flammable plastic. Plasticity at 130°C, possibility of inflammation at ca. 360°C.

     The most interesting think about our product is the use for stabilization of ground, because the material is not biodegradable. This feature is a great advantage in these circumstance, since it guarantees a long lasting exploition of the geonet without worsening of the technical parameters.

     The geonet GEOS is in two sizes available: small and big cells.
     The area of a single section the geonet small cells: 22,23 m2, the area of a single small cell: 441 cm2.
     The area of a single section the geonet big cells: 32,24 m2, the area of a single big cell: 1024 cm2.

     1. Dimensions of a section while extended:
   a) 2,60 m x 6,20 m x 0,050 m
   b) 2,60 m x 6,20 m x 0,075 m
   c) 2,60 m x 6,20 mx 0,100 m
   d) 2,60 m x 6,20 m x 0,150 m
   e) 2,60 m x 6,20 m x 0,200 m

     2. The nominal thickness of the strip : 1,5 mm (+/- 0,1 mm)

     3. The weight of a section (for small and big cells):
   a) 2,2 cm - 7 kg
   b) 5,0 cm - 14 kg
   c) 7,5 cm - 21 kg
   d) 10,0 cm - 28 kg
   e) 15,0 cm - 42 kg
   f) 20,0 cm - 56 kg

     4. The stripping strength of the strips : 100 mm - 2420 N

     5. Temperature of the assembly : von -60°C bis +60°C

     6. Color: black

     7. Soot content: 1,5%

     8. Chemical resistance: very good

     9. Joining of the strips: spot welded

     10. Quality inspection at receipt:
   - the size of a section
   - the thickness of the strip
   - the width of the strip
   - the distance between the spot welds
   - the quality of conformance

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